First Impression Video: The Playstation 4 Hardware Reveal!

This is the 90th instalment of our first impression video series. Today, we are going to be checking out the Playstation 4.

Welcome to the 90th instalment of our first impression video series. Today, we are introducing the Playstation 4 for the first time. You can check out the video directly on YouTube or in the embed below:

It was only two years ago that I checked out the Playstation 3. Last year, I checked out the XBox 360. This year, I am unveiling the Playstation 4 and welcoming it to the channel and adding it to the collection.

One of the things I was told was that no one was interested in really old video games. As a result, I was more or less wasting my time reviewing older video games. The advice was that I should play newer games to garner interest. While the plan was always to get to the Playstation 4 at around this time, I wasn’t entirely convinced that newer games would necessarily have a materially bigger impact outside of maybe a handful of new views to the channel. Regardless, I’m going to, myself, put the theory to the test that newer video games get a massive amount of added traffic or not with this… hopefully.

Right now, I’m working out an unexpected technical hurdle. If I overcome this hurdle, you should see Playstation 4 games starting in February. The schedule should be as follows:

  • Week 1: Steam game
  • Week 2: Playstation 3 game
  • Week 3: XBox 360 game
  • Week 4: Playstation 4 game

If I am unable to overcome the technical hurdle, then week 4 will just end up being a second Steam game for the months I need to sort this out. I shouldn’t need a whole lot of time to sort this out, but that is the backup plan in the event I run into a, er, brick wall.

Two things I forgot to mention in the video:

First, another thing I noticed with the XBox 360 is a distinct lack of install times. Most of the time, you feed the disc into the console and it plays right away. Sometimes, I encounter a software update that takes up a couple of megabytes, but that takes nothing to download and install. This is a massive change compared to the Playstation 3 which often involves massive updates that frequently reaches into the hundreds of megabytes (sometimes even in the gigabytes) and long install processes. So, a rather interesting tidbit to discover about the XBox 360.

Second, huge thanks to Clifford for selling this to me. Thanks to him, the process of finding and buying this console wound up being a heck of a lot easier. So, huge appreciation for making this whole video possible!

Also, I wanted to hear from you. What did you think of the Playstation 4? Did you have a lot of great memories from this? Are you still making new memories with this console? Are you more of a PC, Nintendo, or XBox gamer?

Also, I offered a sampling of games I was able to collect up to now. Since I have zero experience with games beyond the XBOx 360/Playstation 3 console or PC games newer than being released in 2015, was I on the right track with these titles or are there other games that I should consider looking into? Let us know in the comments below.

This video is part of our first impression video series. Below is a list of 50 of the previously made first impression video’s we’ve made in the past:

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