Guide: How to Print Multiple Pictures in Windows (Windows 7 or 10)

In this guide, we will show you a simple way of printing multiple pictures or photo’s using the tools already available in the Windows environment.

There are a lot of people out there who are still into scrapbooking or creating photo albums. Of course, most take pictures with their cell phone or even a digital camera. If you want to print pictures off, some might run into a roadblock of how to do so. If you are running a Windows computer, believe it or not, you already have the software requirements met for making this happen.

This guide assumes your computer already has access to a printer. While these instructions are mostly for Windows 7, we’ve added a step for those on Windows 10 to be able to accomplish the same task.

Step 1: Save Your Photo’s Into a Folder

The first step is to organize your files to make this process easier. Windows may want you to save your pictures in a particular folder, however, this can be difficult to access after. You can create a folder on your desktop and create folders inside that folder. This not only allows you to access your pictures quickly, but also keeps your desktop tidy by merely adding one additional icon on your desktop.

You can, of course, find another location to store your pictures. The idea is to simply find an easy way to access your pictures. If you don’t know about your computer’s system, a catch-all folder on your desktop will do for now.

Next, insert your device. You can manually save your files to that folder you just created. Alternatively, you can access the device through My Computer and just click and drag the files you want into that folder.

Step 2: Open Your Folder

Once you have the pictures you want saved, you’ll need to access this folder. If you don’t have the folder open already, double-click the folder to open it. It’ll probably look something like this:

(click pictures to enlarge)

Obviously, the thumbnails will look different then what is shown above. You’ll probably have more pictures in your folder as well. This was created for illustrative purposes.

Important Step for Windows 10 Users: If you are on Windows 10, the default program to open pictures will likely be different from Windows 7 users. Skip this if you are on Windows 7. To fix this, you need to manually change the program you want to open pictures up with. To do so, you need to follow these short steps:

1. Right click on a picture, then select “Properties”.

2. In the new window, look for “Opens with:” (it’s close to the top). On that line, click the “Chance…” button.

3. In the new window, click “Windows Photo Viewer”, then click “OK”. In the previous window, you can click on “OK”

You only need to do with once. After that, the rest of this guide should work.

Step 3: Select Your Pictures

Now, you’ll have a wide range of printing options available. The first question you need to ask is, “how many pictures do I want to print on a sheet of paper?”

We’ll operate under the idea that you want to print four pictures. Now, you’ll probably notice that the pictures you want don’t show in a convenient order. There is a really easy way to select just the pictures you want without having to rename your pictures.

First, figure out which pictures you want to select. When you are happy with the pictures you want, hold down “Ctrl” on your keyboard (it’s typically on the bottom left hand corner). While holding down this button, click on the pictures you want.

when you are done selecting the pictures you want, you’ll see something like this:

Note: The order you click on the pictures will dictate which order they show up on the paper after. If the order matters, then remember that Windows will start from the bottom left corner and go up. Once it reaches the top of the column in question, it will then go to the bottom of the next column and go up.

Step 4: Open the Pictures

Next, you want to right click on any of the pictures you’ve selected. In the menu, you want to select “Print”

Step 5: Set Up the Page

After you click print, you’ll get a new window that looks something like this:

Now, you’ll want to select your page layout. Since we are using the example of four pictures on a sheet of paper, we are going to select the option on the right hand panel that shows four pictures by clicking on the respective visual icon:

Note: You may need to scroll to get the option you want on the right hand side of the screen.

Once you click on the button you want, a preview of what you are printing will show up on the left hand side of the window (as shown in our example).

Step 6: Print

If you are happy with what the preview shows, go ahead and click on “Print”. You may get a new window with further print options (such as grey scale printing), but if you’ve printed any kind of document at all, you should know what to do at that point in time.


I Have special printing paper to print photo’s. Will this technique work to get it to print correctly?

Yes, this should work. If you have, say, special paper ready for 2×2 printing, the preset should print it out for you nicely. You just need to know what paper you have and match the printing configuration to the page. Of course, regular paper will also work nicely too.

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