Part 10: Some Final Thoughts on Blender

In this tenth and final part of this Blender tutorial, we decided to offer a few final thoughts on all of this.

In the previous part of this tutorial, we went into video editing in Blender. Now, we thought we’d like to offer a few final thoughts on this tutorial to round things up and give you some additional ideas of where to take things next.

Some Additional Recommendations

This guide is largely suggestions on what to do. There are, of course, many different ways to accomplish the same things we’ve described in this tutorial. Another thing is the fact that this tutorial pretty much glosses over the top of some big components in Blender. So, the question you might have is, “Now that I know a bit about Blender, where should I go to from here if I want to learn more?”

This is a great question. If you want to increase your knowledge in Blender beyond what is presented here, I recommend checking out the BlenderGuru Beginner series. That tutorial won’t go into video editing and animation necessarily, but what it will do is go into much greater detail about modelling. If you want to try and push for photo-realistic renders (yes, that is VERY possible in Blender), then I would recommend trying the Advanced series as well.

Another tutorial I recommend is the CG Viking tutorial on 3D Text. It’s more or less what we have in the text portion of the tutorial, but in video format.

Finally, if you want to try going into much greater detail about video editing in Blender, you can definitely check out Chipper Videos Video Editing Tutorial as well as the Mikeycal Meyers video editing series.

You can also find some interesting resources at places like BlendSwap. There are, of course, loads of resources out there. If you want to offer suggestions, feel free to drop a comment below of course.

At any rate, we hope you enjoy this guide series. Please share if you want to help out. If you want to see this website grow and be better, you can also check out our Patreon page as well. Your money will go directly to supporting this website.

Thank you very much for reading!

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