List of Known Usenet Providers

Usenet/newsgroups are another method people can find files. One main requirement you must have to access it is through a Usenet provider. ISPs used to regularly offer this, but more and more, this task has been relegated to third party providers. Below is a list of such providers we are aware of. This list is simply in alphabetical order. Information provided here sourced from places like Whirlpool and Reddit. Bracketed content next to each linked name indicates if they are known resellers and from whom.

Last updated: September 30, 2014

123Usenet (EuroAccess)
Aeton (XSNews)
Agent (Highwinds)
AstiNews (XSNews)
Atlantis News (Highwinds)
Alibis (Readnews)
Alt Binaries (Highwinds)
Anarqy (Highwinds)
Anonynews (Readnews)
Bargain Newsfeeds (Highwinds)
BinaryBoy (Highwinds)
Bintube (Astraweb)
Block News (Readnews)
Budget News (Highwinds)
Cheap News (Tweaknews)
EasyNews (Highwinds)
EasyUsenet (XSNews)
Ensnews (Highwinds/easynews)
Eurofeeds (Readnews)
Extreme Usenet (EuroAccess)
Fast Usenet (Readnews)
Firstload (Highwinds)
Flash Newsgroups (Highwinds)
Frugal Usenet (Readnews)
Gebruikhet (XSNews)
Illiminews (Highwinds)
iLoad-Usenet (Highwinds)
Ixinews (Readnews)
Just4Today (XenTech)
Maximum Usenet (Highwinds) (Readnews)
Mijn Usenet (EuroAccess)
NetFeeds (Highwinds)
News Demon (Highwinds)
News Guy (Highwinds)
News Hosting (Highwinds)
News Fusion (Highwinds)
News Razor (Highwinds)
News Reader (Readnews)
NewsConnection (XSNews)
NewsGrabber (XSNews)
Newsgroup-Binaries (Highwinds)
Newsgroup Direct (Highwinds)
Newsgroup-Download (Highwinds) (Highwinds)
NewsLeecher (Highwinds)
Newsreader (Readnews)
NewsXS (XSNews)
NGroups (Readnews)
NNTP Junkie (Highwinds)
Pay Less Usenet (Readnews)
Power News (XSNews)
Power Usenet (Giganews) (Highwinds)
Pure Usenet (EuroAccess)
Red Orb News (Highwinds)
Rhino Newsgroups (Giganews)
Secret Usenet (Readnews)
Shemes (Highwinds)
SimplyUsenet (XSNews)
Simonews (Giganews)
SMSUsenet (XSNews)
SnelNL (Highwinds)
Sonic-News (Highwinds)
SSL-News (XSNews)
Sunny Usenet (EuroAccess)
Supernews (Giganews)
Supernewsfeed (Highwinds)
Surfino (XSNews)
Tera News (Highwinds)
The Cube Net (Highwinds)
The Newsgroups (Highwinds)
Thundernews (Highwinds)
Tiger Usenet (Highwinds)
Titan News (Highwinds)
TransXs (EuroAccess)
Uncensored Newsfeed (Highwinds)
Unison (Highwinds)
Usebits (XSNews)
Usenet-Access (Highwinds)
Usenet Binaries (Readnews)
Usenet Central (Readnews)
Usenet Company (EuroAccess) (Giganews)
Usenet-News (Readnews)
Usenet News Server (Readnews) (EuroAccess)
Usenet Rocket (Readnews) (Highwinds) (Highwinds)
Usenet Server (Highwinds)
Usenet2Go (XSNews)
Usenet4U (XSNews)
UsenetBucket (XSNews)
UsenetByOrder (EuroAccess)
UsenetNow (Readnews)
UsenetXL (XSnews)
UseNeXT (Readnews)
Voordelig Usenet (EuroAccess)
Wondernews (XSNews)
WorldUsenet (Highwinds)
Xen News (Hitnews)
XLUsenet (Highwinds)
XSUsenet (TweakNews)
YabNews (XSNews)
YottaNews (Highwinds)
z51 (Highwinds)

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