Commenting Rules

Freezenet generally has an open policy about commenting on stories, reviews, and other pages. So, if you would like to comment, here are a few things you should know:

Like just about every other website out there, Freezenet does get a fair amount of spam. We have enabled spam filters on this site, so if your comment does somehow get filtered out and lost, you can resubmit.

Comments are moderated here. If you see your comment post up, but then disappear, it probably means that it has moved to the moderation queue. Please allow some time for moderation to get to your comment. We will work hard on getting comments approved as quickly as possible. This moderation step is mostly for the purpose of fighting spam.

Comments considered to be flaming (i.e. name calling, personal attacks, etc.) may be edited or removed. This goes for comments directed at others as well as authors of this site. In short, do try and keep things civil around here.

Links to copyrighted material or comments that may encourage direct copyright infringement may be edited or even removed from the site.

Comments that may be deemed offensive (such as linking to pornographic material) will be removed from the site.

Moderation Discretion
All comments will be left to moderator discretion. If something appears that may not necessarily fit within the above rules, but is considered to be unacceptable for publication, moderators may edit or remove comments accordingly.

Moderation Transparency
Outright removal of comments is generally a last resort option, but can be exercised as an option. If a comment needs to be edited to comply with the rules, a reason will be given for the decision.

Modification of the Rules
These rules may be modified and updated without notice at any time.

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