Slyck’s P2P Wrap-Up 2006

2005 was an eventful year that kept the file-sharing community on its toes. 2006 was little different. Without a doubt, file-sharing has had an impact on many levels this year.

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Creative Commons Music Makes Gains

Roughly a month ago, a study done on UK artists suggested that, although artists aren’t always experts on copyright law, they seem to gravitate towards the license by instinct.

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Encode360 Videos on the XBox 360

Back when the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was helping hundreds of thousands waste their precious youth on video games, emulation was a big thing among those who wanted to expand on the console gaming experience.

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New Zealand Hit with Copyright Reform

New Zealand is undergoing some copyright changes (Copyright Reform Bill – in PDF and plain text). Many countries have talked – and have acted on – changing Copyright, but the process isn’t typically one without controversy from one side or another.

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eMule Content Database Upgraded

The eMule content database underwent some upgrades back in August. While those upgrades were important, the latest upgrades made the database not only more secure, but also more functional and user friendly.

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Major Media Outlets Lend Ear to Masses

For years, blogging has been a new frontier for both news and gossip. While some blogs are generally quite good at providing users with new content, others have been known to do nothing more than regurgitate news happening elsewhere.

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