Why did you choose the name Freezenet?

Freezenet really has two origins. One was the fact that there is various chilling effects happening around the web (kind of like the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse) and Freezenet seemed to fit in with the name. Freezenet is also a play on my alternate name “IceCube” which has been a sort of mini-brand that’s been in the making since 2005.

What are the rules here?
You can read the commenting rules here.

Is there a takedown policy for this website?
Yes, you can view the rules, policy, and form here

Who runs this place?

Just me, Drew Wilson. It’s currently a solo project started on January 2, 2013. The positive part is the fact that I’m my own boss, but the negative part is that I’m operating in extremely limited resources.

Is there more to Freezenet than news?

Yes, currently, I’m working on putting together a useful guides section meant to help people with various problems that don’t have a whole lot of experience. This section should grow over time as more and more topics are covered, but it will take time. Small updates will be posted to to my Twitter feed and larger updates will also be featured on the main page.

How Can I Contact You?

You can message me on Twitter at @icecube85. You can also message me here as well.

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