Yearly Archives: 2009

Damage of CRIAs $6 Billion Lawsuit Felt in Anti-Piracy Operation

Last weeks lawsuit against CRIA for commercial copyright infringement sent shock waves throughout the industry as a whole as well as throughout the media and has left some wondering if it’s a case CRIA can recover from both financially and morally. Recently, there was clear evidence that the lawsuit has had an impact on anti-piracy […]

WIPO Treaty Sees Entertainment Industry Pitted Against the Disabled

A treaty is currently being discussed within WIPO that would allow those with disabilities to have better access to copyrighted material. Apparently, the only thing the entertainment industry sees when it comes to the disabled having access to copyrighted material is the dismantling of copyright.

US Lawmakers Want to Criminalize Whistleblower Sites Over TSA Leak

After the embarrassing Transport Security Administration (TSA) leak where workers failed to properly redact documents related to screening procedures, three Republican lawmakers want to criminalize whistle blower sites that reposted the document. The question here is, if successful, could that set the stage for other documents such as the leaked ACTA documents?

Can CRIA Recover from the Largest Copyright Infringment Case In Canadian History?

Yesterday, news broke that the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) was sued for $6 billion (not $60 billion as initially reported) for commercial copyright infringement. The case was only filed and already, it is seemingly beyond the point of damage control for CRIA. The question is, can CRIA recover from what may be the biggest […]

ZeroPaid Interviews the Pirate Party of Canada

If you asked a file-sharer in, say, 2005, if there would be a political party with a focus on, among other things, copyright and internet rights issues, you were more than likely to just get an odd look or a response wondering what kind of substances you were on. That was just four years ago. […]