List of Known Seedbox Services

One of the lesser known, yet interesting things about BitTorrent is the existence of seedboxes. They can save on hard drives and all of your torrenting is handled by a server rather than a personal computer. This adds a layer of privacy for you. Below is a list of known services we are aware of. This list draws from multiple resources such as Reddit and Seedbox GUI.

Entries are provided in alphabetical order.

Service name (Known Location)

Big Slice Box (Canada)
Bytesized Hosting (Luxembourd/Netherlands)
Dentoo (?)
Fibre Networks (US or Netherlands)
GBox (?)
My First Seedbox (Britain)
OnlySavvy (US)
Pulsed Media (Finland)
Rapid Seedbox (Europe (France, Netherlands)) (Britain)
Seed Cafe (US) (?) (Germany) (Netherlands)
Seedbox Hosting (Multiple)
Seedm8 (?)
Seed My Box (France)
SeedStorm (US)
Super Seedbox (Luxembourg)
Super-Seed (Britain)
Super Seeder (Britain/France)
The Seedbox Company (Britain)
Torrent Swift (?)
Ultra Seedbox (Multiple)
WhatBox (Multiple)
Your Seedbox (Belgium)
Xirvik Servers (Multiple)
X0Host (Britain)

If you are aware of any others, feel free to tell us in the comments below. You can also let us know if there are any pieces of information you think is inaccurate.


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