HTML Guide

Learning HTML is something that takes more than a single guide to explain, but it can be relatively straight forward. You can use these guides either as reference or as something to learn from scratch. These guides are meant for people who don’t know anything about coding. It is an excellent first language to learn as it’s not only very easy to learn, but it can also be the foundation to a number of other languages as well.

  1. HTML Part 1 – The Essential First Steps
  2. HTML Part 2 – Document Declaration and Header Information
  3. HTML Part 3 – Headers and Basic Text Formatting
  4. HTML Part 4 – Linking – Internal, External and Anchor
  5. HTML Part 5 – Images
  6. HTML Part 6 – Lists
  7. HTML Part 7 – Tables
  8. HTML Part 8 – Headings and Escape Tags
  9. HTML Part 9 – Heading Rules, Comments, And Thoughts on HTML
  10. HTML Part 10 – Attaching and Linking CSS

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