Compatibility and Emulation

Below is a list of guides on how to get certain things to work.

16 Bit Emulation

Arcade Emulation

Atari 2600 Emulation

Atari 5200 Emulation

Atari 7800 Emulation

Gameboy and Gameboy Advance Emulation

Gamecube Emulation

N64 Emulation

NES Emulation

Nintendo DS Emulation

Nintendo Wii

PS2 Emulation

PSP Emulation

PSX Emulation

Sega Emulation

Sega Dreamcast Emulation

Sega Saturn Emulation

SNES Emulation

XBox Emulation

  • There are no emulators that we know of that sufficiently plays XBox games. Some emulators do play a small handful of games, but compatibility rates are too low at this point to mention any useful emulators.

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