Yearly Archives: 2011

Opinion – What SOPA Means for a Non-US Citizen

SOPA heads for a vote tomorrow. There’s no question what kind of damage it could do to internet companies, users of the internet, jobs and the economy within the United States. Drew Wilson offers a perspective on what SOPA means as a citizen of a country outside the United States.

7 Emulators That Can Play Classic Video Games

We’ve been testing, prodding and, well, having a perfectly good excuse to play some video games for the last two weeks. If you wondered how to play some of those oldschool video games on a computer, you’ve come to the right article. We’ve compiled a list of 6 emulators that can allow you to play […]

French Report – Legal Punishment for Filesharing as Severe as Manslaughter

One of the criticisms of copyright laws has, for some time, been that the punishment is far too severe for the crime being committed. This debate is nothing new and it seems to be heating up in Europe right now. One French news site decided to compare the penalties of file-sharing to the penalties of […]

Guide: How to Enhance Your Web Privacy with NoScript

Privacy while surfing can be serious business for a number of web surfers. Some use a number of tools like NoScript to block unwanted scripts on websites they visit. This can help stop websites from tracking who that user is that visit that webpage, thus enhancing their privacy. This guide will show you how to […]

Man Sued for Linking to Freeware

A man from the Netherlands is being sued by RealNetworks for linking to a freeware application. The application, RealAlternative, is considered by some to be a competitive product to software from RealNetworks. RealNetworks alleges that the software in question is infringing on its trademarks and is demanding the accused hand over all computer equipment in […]

A Response to Don Henley on the PROTECT IP Act

It almost sounds silly that someone could possibly salvage the PROTECT IP Act at this point in time. Still, that doesn’t stop some people from trying to pass off the PROTECT IP act as something that would actually do anything at all to stop piracy. We’d like to respond to this opinion with some counter-arguments […]