VLC Won’t Boot in Windows 7 on Update? A Solution

A long running problem for some Windows 7 users is the inability to get new versions of VLC running. Essentially, the program simply fails to boot when you double click on the executable for no reason.

A workaround solution is to use an outdated version of VLC when the program was last working. This, of course, opens up security issues. So, eventually, an update will be needed sooner or later.

Solutions floating around the web include simply ending the VLC task in Task Manager and booting it again. Another solution is to temporarily disable the firewall. A third possible solution is to delete everything in the respective %APPDATA% folder. A fourth solution floating around is to run as an administrator.

For me, none of these solutions worked. So, the choice for me is to run an outdated version of VLC or not run it at all. This, of course, is an obviously terrible choice to make.

Luckily, one solution did work perfectly for me. Before you boot a new version of VLC, bring up task manager. The process you are looking for is SS3Svc32.exe. This is part of Sonic Studio 3 which runs in the background for those running an ASUS computer. You want to kill this process. From there, try booting the latest version of VLC. This should work.

It would explain why only some users are experiencing this issue with none of the other solutions being a workable solution. We hope this helps your problem as it’s what worked for us.