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Disconnection In French Three Strikes Law Scrapped

It may have been a long time coming. The French government has announced that it would no longer be disconnecting alleged copyright infringer’s from the Internet. Instead, it’ll be focused on commercial piracy and merely issuing fines instead.

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INTA: Piracy Will Cost More Than the GDP of Australia

Ridiculously over-inflated numbers are nothing new for rights holders. Many in the past have pointed out the errors of the methodology such as one download does not mean one lost sale. Rather than correct the methodological errors, some rights holders seem to choose to double down on these lofty numbers as seems to be the

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CFAA Reform to Criminalize Teenagers for Reading News Online?

It’s an evolution of habits. Instead of opening a newspaper, many are turning to the Internet to find out what is happening in this world today. Unfortunately, it seems that part of the CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act) reform could inadvertently make it a criminal offense for teenagers to view many well-read news sites.

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ZeroPaid Interviews

We talk a lot about national and international copyright laws a lot, but one of the issues that receives less attention is how individual users can deal with legal threats by rights holders whenever they, say, get caught uploading copyright infringing material. Adam Urbanczyk, Principal Attorney of wants to be a solution for users

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US Government Jails Marine Veteran for Posting Comments to Facebook

A US marine veteran is in custody after making comments on Facebook about 9/11 conspiracy theories. In addition to being detained, he is reportedly being forced to undergo psychiatric testing as well. For me, this case disturbs me, but for reasons no one else seems to be even covering at all.

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Torrent Users Coming to Grips With Demonoid Shut Down

For a lot of Torrent users, Demonoid was a one stop shop for a lot of different kinds of content. It was one of a handful of sites that had such name recognition. Billed by many as a “semi-private” tracker, the site introduced a number of users to the world of private BitTorrent trackers. Now

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