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Welcome to the Official Freezenet Wiki!

Welcome to the home page of the official Freezenet Wiki!

Early Development

This Wiki is currently in active development. This Wiki has been set up to document various forms of content - sometimes content not covered by other sites. It will be fairly narrow at first, but as more content gets posted, we hope to keep expanding so you can know more about what is out there. More content will continue to be added on this site.

What's In This Wiki

This Wiki project sets out to document music. While many sites document what kinds of music is out there that you already know about, few actually take on the much more gruelling task of helping you find music you might actually like that you would have not otherwise heard about. A great way to check out different kinds of music is to look at the official Freezenet music reviews section. That part of this website contains over 1,000 music reviews. The pitfall with this is the fact that it really only covers music we got around to reviewing. There is actually a lot of music we say "no" to. So, what can we do to remedy the problem of not covering every track out there? That's partly what this Wiki is all about. This Wiki project was set up to cover everything. This includes genre's we don't normally review on the main page.

An excellent place to start is to check out our music genres page. This not only lists known genre's, but also offers a deeper explanation of each genre in question including sub-genre's.

This wiki features discography information on artists and labels as well as information on releases. More importantly, it also features setlist information of various radio and podcast shows. The aim is to have the most complete data sets of all of the above as possible.

If you feel overwhelmed by the pure amount of content to sift through, you can always start with our music exploration guide.

What's New

Recently, we completed a synth pop show called the Synth City. As of the initial completion of the archive, the archive features 368 episodes which totals 737 hours worth of documented music. This completes the 11th show made available through this Wiki. We hope you enjoy this addition as this adds a third major music genre to the site now. As such, this should hit a few more musical tastes. If this music is your jam, congratulations! You now have a fresh life time supply of free music!

What Else to Cover?

Music is going to be the only focus for now. The scope of this is massive, so we wanted to take on this part of the project first.

How to Help Out

If you want to help out with this Wiki, there are three ways you can do so. The first way is to apply as a volunteer contributor. This will help with the manpower issue this site has when it comes to producing all of this information. If working on content isn't for you, you can also subscribe to our Patreon. If you want to offer a one time tip, you can also buy us a coffee. Either way, this will offer much needed financial aid to this site. Every new Patron or Ko-Fi tip will get me one step closer to working on this site full time. A third and final way to help us out is to spread the word about this site. This website already offers plenty of useful bits of information and it may help out others who are looking for some missing piece of info. Additionally, the person you recommend to may want to be a volunteer or a subscriber as well. So, please, spread the word if the first two options are not available for you!