Part 7: Final Thoughts on Photoshop

In this seventh and final part of our guide, we wrap things up with some final thoughts on this software.

In the previous part of our guide, we covered the free transform tool and the warp tool. We even talked a little bit about using alternate styles of transparency as well as an added bonus. So, armed with so much knowledge at this stage, we’ve decided to end it there and offer a few parting pieces of knowledge.

Final Thoughts on Photoshop

As you no doubt notice just by looking at the drop down menu’s, there are a LOT of features in Photoshop. A great big vast majority of them weren’t really covered in this guide even. If we did, this guide would be at least 75 parts long and would be so much less useful.

So, how does one go about learning about these other parts? One way is to simply experiment around. Mess around with pictures for fun and see what different filters do. Try playing around with different transformation tools. Fiddle with the left hand tool bar. Every tool that has a tiny little black arrow on the bottom right corner opens up a sub-menu of variations of those tools. There is a LOT you can learn just by playing around with the software.

Another bit of advice is to go poking around for other more advanced tutorials. Try poking around on YouTube for tutorials. Check out help forums to see what people are trying to figure out. Regardless, the opportunities to learn and be better are endless with this software.

A big thing is to try not to think of Photoshop as this big hulking program with an endless array of confusing and unknown options. Think of Photoshop as a piece of software that has a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. Image manipulation is a big world and with CS6 already out there, there are countless ways the software itself is improving.

So, explore and learn is the two big takeaways. Now that you have a very basic knowledge of the software, you can use that as the foundation for further becoming an expert in the software.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and learned something from it. Happy Photoshopping!

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