Review: Paw – Jessie (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Paw – Jessie.

This track was released in 1993 on the album Dragline. Some sources say that this track was featured on Road Rash, but having played the Playstation version and the N64 version, I never came across any tracks by Paw in the game. I also checked the tracklist of Road Rash 3D and Jailbreak and also couldn’t find it there either. So, if it’s in a version of Road Rash, I haven’t played it yet.

One of the big elements in this track is definitely the guitars. I thought they really gave this track presence. They worked quite well.

Another big element was the vocals. I thought it worked quite well and thought the vocals were enjoyable. The lyrics were definitely emotional. They painted a sad story about a dog and his owner. Definitely powerful stuff.

An interesting element of this track is the fact that it slows down at one point, introducing guitars with sliding notes. This gave is a small element of country that blended nicely into the track.

Overall, this was definitely a great track. It had great guitars with an interesting twist. It had good vocals and emotional lyrics. While sad, this track was still well produced.


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