Review: Temple City – Ice Age (Uptempo)

This review covers the uptempo track Temple City – Ice Age.

The track was released in 2004. This as per Temple City clarifying the release date for us. Much appreciated!

One interesting element in this track is the fact that there isn’t so much singing for the vocals as it is simply talking. I thought that this added an interesting element to the track as it does manage to work quite well throughout.

The main melody worked quite well. It was catchy and it evolved throughout the track. It really helped to make this track.

The synthetic effects worked very well. They helped give this a great audio atmosphere.

The added bonus is the fact that this track has a theme that has less to do with emotion and more to do with an event. I thought this was definitely a neat change of pace.

This track has a very trance-like sound with the main four to the floor beat. You could almost peg this track as a trance track or even a synth pop track, really.

Overall, this was a great track. It has unique voicework in it. It has great lyrics. The main melody was very well realized. The theme was different. So, I definitely recommend this track.


Edit: Fixed release date.

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