Review: Garbage – Push It (Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track garbage – Push It.

This track was released in 1998 on the album Version 2.0.

This track starts off a bit slow. In fact, it almost made me think of a Bond film while listening to it. Eventually, though, this track goes into the chorus and I thought that this would be excellent music for a racing game of some kind.

The lyrics basically tell the tale of a bad relationship, though there is definitely room for interpretation of what the relationship is with. It’s a bit unfortunate that it takes very careful listening to really get any kind of understanding of the lyrics at all. This is partly because some of the other elements of the track sometimes drowns out the the vocals.

While this track does have excellent elements – namely the intro, the buildup to the chorus, and the main chorus, I thought that this track depends a bit too much on that part of the track. I wished the versus were a little better realized.

Still, I thought this was a very good track to listen to. A great intro, great buildup, and an excellent main chorus made this track worth listening to. The versus could have been a bit better, I still enjoyed this one.


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