Review: Sum 41 – Fat Lip (Rock)

This review covers the punk rock track Sum 41 – Fat Lip.

This track was released in 2001 on the All Killer, No Filler album. Another track we’ve reviewed on this album is Motivation which received a positive score.

When talking about the height of Sum 41, it’s hard to not mention this track partly because a lot of people who became fans of this band became fans through this track.

When listening to this track, how do you not think of summer as a teenager, partying, doing really stupid things, house parties, rock concerts, getting drunk, and/or getting in/causing trouble? This was one of those 2000s party tracks – especially if you were Canadian. Everything about this track screams fond misspent youth memories.

The vocals were very well done. The lyrics were also very well written and sung.

The overall sound was well produced. The flow from one part to another worked extremely well. There was great rhythm also in this track.

Generally speaking, this was a great track to listen to. The sound, the lyrics, and the vocals all worked very well. The flow and small bits of rhythm found in this track was nice to hear. A great track to listen to.


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