Review: DJ Kiss – Kenia (House)

This review covers the progressive house track DJ Kiss – Kenia.

This track was released in 2010. It is part of the album called From a Distance.

The track features authentic sounding indigenous sounds at the beginning. This is layered with some general synth sounds.

When the breakdown hits, the track features some additional authentic sounding indigenous chanting and singing. This is layered by some string synth sounds. Eventually, a synth sound is introduced and the track continues on.

The string synths return, but ha a side-chaining effect added to it. This adds a sense of rhythm to the track. Eventually, more chanting and singing is heard to give the track a sense of progression. After that, there is a final breakdown which contains the other vocal samples.

One thing I found with this track is that the vocal samples at the beginning and end can be a bit overused. I’ve heard these samples in numerous video games throughout the 90s. As a result, hearing it in a track just seems a little odd more than anything else. It is fitting, but it’s also overused samples in my view.

The chanting and singing in the middle, however, works very well. It really gives the track a very indigenous sound. The backing with the stringed synths also elevates the track nicely.

A criticism I have with this track is the fact that nothing in it really takes the track to the next level. While I can appreciate the more laid back approach of the overall track, I can’t say there really is anything here that turns this good track into a great track. I kept listening for something to really excite me about this track, but was left a little disappointed.

Still, the track has well thought out vibes. The authentic sounding chanting and singing is a strength in this track. With the string synths backing this sound, it becomes a highlight in the track. Unfortunately, there is nothing here that really takes the track to the next level. So, although its a decent sounding track, I’ve heard better.


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