Review: Mark Arbor – 7 Suns (Adam Nickey Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Mark Arbor – 7 Suns (Adam Nickey Remix).

This track was released in 2010. It was released along with the original mix.

The track starts with some general synth. There’s a bassline that pops in in a more subtle manner. The synth pads also make an appearance which gives the track a nice soft tone.

When the breakdown occurs, there is some soft piano elements mixed with the synth pads. After that, the main melody makes an appearance. When the buildup starts in, there’s a bit of a bass drum drill along with some sweeps. This carries into the climax which contains pretty much everything except the main melody. After this, elements of the main melody makes an appearance.

Eventually, the final breakdown hits which contains a lot of what the main portion of the track has. This is, of course with the exception of the main melody.

What really helps make this track sound good is the synth pads. It gives the track such an uplifting sound. The main melody also works quite well. It’s subtle, yet effective.

One somewhat unique element is the fact that there is a high hat that is heard along with every other bass drum kick. Normally, older trance tracks typically have a snare or even the occasional clap sound. In this case, there is a hi hat sound. I thought this added an interesting sound to the overall track.

Generally speaking, this track has great uplifting elements. The main melody is quite well done. I also like the overall flow of the track as well. An overall very good track as far as I’m concerned.


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