Cineplex Experiences Record Breaking Profits In Canada

Cineplex, one of the organizers lobbying for Internet censorship in Canada, is currently experiencing record breaking profits.

It seems that the good news just can’t stop rolling in for the entertainment industry in Canada. Cineplex, one of the major corporations lobbying for Internet censorship in Canada as part of the FairPlay Canada corporate coalition, is doing quite well these days.

According to reports, the corporation is currently experiencing record breaking profits:

The Toronto-based entertainment giant said sequels to the superhero hits delivered increasing audience numbers and money spent at concession stands, bringing the company’s revenues to an all-time high of $409.1 million for the quarter ended June 30, up about 12 per cent from the year before when it made $364.1 million.

The company’s net income also jumped significantly, increasing 1,670 per cent to $24.4 million, or 38 cents a share this quarter from $1.4 million or 2 cents last year. Analysts had estimated $414 million of revenue and 24 cents per share of net income, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Some might recall that Cineplex was one of a small handful of major corporations operating in Canada that are arguing that Internet censorship should be brought into Canada. They say that censorship is needed because their profits are dropping at an alarming rate and that they aren’t exactly sure how much longer they can last with all this alleged piracy on the Internet. At the moment, they haven’t gotten what they wanted and now, it seems things have never been better.

The news stands in sharp contrast to yesterdays report out of Australia. In that country, Internet censorship has gripped the country with more and more censorship orders rolling in to keep blocking more and more websites. Abuse of the system is rampant and free speech is ultimately getting curtailed as a result. With all of that going on, a government survey says that piracy is up and consumer spending is falling.

As a result of these two stories breaking here on Freezenet, you can easily get a that effect of a tale of two countries. In Canada, Internet censorship is not in place and the entertainment industry keeps breaking profit record after profit record. Meanwhile, in Australia, Internet censorship is in place and sales appear to be plummeting as a result.

For Internet advocates, this latest development will likely be further proof that Internet censorship solves nothing because the numbers simply speak for themselves.

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