Review: Ash – Lose Control (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Ash – Lose Control.

This track was released in 1996 on the album 1977. It was also a track that appeared in the Gran Turismo soundtrack.

The track starts of with the sound of a TIE fighter flying by. After that, it goes into guitars to give this track energy.

The overall sound has a high energy vibe to it. There is a subtle hint of something else, but it’s difficult to really put your finger on it. Still, it has a great overall sound.

The overall flow was also pretty good. There are interesting moments of buildup in the track. There is also a pretty good guitar solo to be had here as well.

A pitfall with this track is the mastering. This can be heard through the vocals. The guitars sort of drown them out to the point where it’s hard to understand what they are even saying. This was rather unfortunate because the vocals weren’t that bad otherwise.

In spite of the seemingly unfortunate mastering, there was still plenty to enjoy. It has a good guitar sound, interesting build-ups, and even a pretty good guitar solo. Overall, it’s a quite a good track.


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