ZeroPaid Shows Signs of Life As Homepage Returns

As things started to look dicey for the website, one page of ZeroPaid has seemingly made a return.

We’ve been monitoring the ZeroPaid situation for a while now. On Friday, the downtime entered two weeks. At that point in time, we had reason to be concerned over whether or not the site is coming back.

Today, there has been a positive development: the homepage for the site is now accessible:

For fans of ZeroPaid, this is an exciting development. Unfortunately, looks are a bit deceiving in this case. This is because if you click on any link on the home page, you get that database error again. In fact, you have to enter the website in a specific way. If you enter the site with the URL “”, you will get the error. If you enter the site using the URL, “”, you’ll get access to the home page. Another URL you can use to enter the site is “”, but the front page will display incorrectly (links still broken). Even more interesting is that the forum link leads to a server error where you can’t even access the page. Before, the forums gave timeout errors. Now, the server doesn’t seem to exist as far as the browser is concerned.

So, while the site is showing signs of life again, the website itself is not out of the woods yet. We’ll continue to monitor the situation to see if anything changes.

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