Review: Pride and Fall – Turn the Lights On (Ruined Conflict Remix) (EBM)

This review covers the EBM track Pride and Fall – Turn the Lights On (Ruined Conflict Remix).

This track was released in 2014 as part of an EP. The EP contains three other tracks and another track called As I Carve.

One distinct element of this track is the vocals. In the chorus, it’s a sort of whispering death metal type vocal. The verses, meanwhile, has a sort of twisted sound to it.

The lyrics, meanwhile, are pretty creepy – especially with how they are sung. I think this track is about vampires, but I’m not entirely sure.

What makes this track good is the synth melodies found throughout. They really helped to bring out the darkness out of this track. The subtle choir added in was a nice touch.

Overall, this was a pretty good track. While the death metal elements has, to date, never been a thing I have ever been into, this track will certainly have its fans. What makes this track a good listen for me is the synth melodies throughout. The choir sound that pops in from time to time is a nice touch. So, a good one all around.


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