Review: Tritonal feat. Soto – Let Solitude (Air Up There Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Tritonal feat. Soto – Let Solitude (Air Up There Mix).

This track was released in 2009 and was released along with two other versions.

One interesting element in this track is the fact that it more or less starts off with some chopped vocals. I thought this was an interesting way to build up this track.

The track then breaks down into some vocals. The vocals were very well done. They were quite dream-like and mesmerizing.

The track then adds more chopped vocals and adds a very addicting melody. Not only was the melody very well realized, but also was very well constructed in how it sits into the track.

The secondary melody was a bit more subtle, but adds quite a lot of dimension to the track. Quite an enjoyable element.

The main chorus where elements of the main melody as well as the vocals which already make this a great track was very well done.

Each element was also nicely realized. Not only that, but the way each section of the track blends so masterfully into the track really gives this track an amazing quality.

The lyrics were also nice and mysterious. There was plenty of emotion just laid out. So, very well realized.

Overall, this was an amazing track. Incredible vocals, excellent chopped vocals, nicely done effects, excellent transitions, and excellent melodies all make this into an incredibly well done track. I want to just listen to this track on loop for ours. Definitely one of the best tracks I’ve ever heard!


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