Review: Sunny Lax – Miquë (Original Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Sunny Lax – Miquë (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2008 as part of a single.

A reverse cymbal starts the track. When the kick comes in, there are several sweeps. A bassline comes in along with a high hat. A synth effect also makes an appearance. Some pads also make an appearance. The bassline becomes even more prominent. A number of additional synth effects come in.

The track then hits a drop. Several effects continue, but the kick is removed. The kick then makes a return. Parts of a synth melody then starts to play out.

An additional drop comes in and the kick does a jackhammer effect. A high hat then makes an appearance as several effects fade out. From there, a secondary melody starts to come in. This is backed by a pad. Another sweep comes in. A sidechained synth effect comes in. A few additional effects come in.

From there, the parts of main melody starts fading in. The bassline then comes in. A filtered snare roll also makes an appearance to help build the track up. Several synth effects also help build the track up. The kick jackhammers again. Several elements including the main kick comes in as the main melody plays out. A secondary synth makes a brief appearance.

After a kick jackhammer, the main melody repeats along with a chime synth to back the main melody. A secondary chime melody makes a brief appearance. Some synth effects make some brief appearances.

At the end, the main melodies disappear, leaving the drum kit and several sweeping effects. One last sweep comes in and the kick ends, allowing the sweep to end the track after a final kick jackhammer.

There is a lot to like about this track. The way this track builds up is nicely done. It really utilizes those sweeps for maximum effect. With those pads in the beginning along with the bassline, it only elevates the track that much further right at the beginning.

When the track hits that main drop, I totally expect something interesting to come in. This track delivers that in spades. That secondary melody to help builds the track up in an excellent fashion. I’m already excited for the track and I haven’t even gotten to the main melody yet.

This track then gets that main melody to build up right after and it just continues to roll with that quality. The fact that the main melody sounds excellent only knocks this one right out of the park. That additional chime melody at the end just takes this track over the top.

Overall, I like everything about this track. The build up, the melodies, the way it is constructed, and every little detail that is put in just makes this a masterfully produced track. I can’t stop saying good things about this one. This is definitely an excellent track that is highly recommend.


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