Review: Madonna – Like a Virgin (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Madonna – Like a Virgin.

This track was released in 1990 on the compilation album The Immaculate Collection. It was a re-issue of a previous release that is slightly different.

This is one of those tracks that has a very palpable sexual charged theme. This was expressed largely through the lyrics more than anything else. While love is referenced, this track emphasizes the more physical side of things.

The vocals, meanwhile, really encapsulates that 60s-80s young voice in a track. You could almost visualize old black and white film while listening to the vocals.

The main melody was mainly a synthesized bassline. It may be slower than what listeners might be used to if you are a listener to pop music in the late 90’s to early 10’s. Still, it wasn’t that bad even though it may be repetitive at times. The repetition isn’t so noticeable given that there was so much variety found in the vocals to begin with.

The orchestral elements, namely the brass, do add to the track in rather subtle, yet noticeable ways. The brief notes manage to add a nice personality to the track despite their briefness.

While the track was pretty good, it does limit itself to very particular tastes in music. This was mainly due to its subject matter more than anything else.

Overall, it was a well produced track. The lyrics brought out the emotions that they needed to. The vocals had that very old style with their high-pitched female style that almost makes people think of old black and white film. The subtle orchestral elements worked well. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see very many people listening to it because of the subject matter. As a result, the appeal to this track is very limited.


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