Our Beta Compatibility and Emulation Guides Section

By Drew Wilson

We are proud to officially unveil another feature of this website. It is a section devoted to guides on compatibility and emulation of different systems.

For nearly two and a half weeks, we’ve been developing the compatibility and emulation section of our website. This section features nearly two dozen guides spanning over 18 different systems that are not normally compatible with your computer.

The guides featured in the section are mostly for users to get a good start into the world of emulation. They are not necessarily meant to get you to be a pro user of anything. What these guides can do is get you to be able to run things normally. They also troubleshoot common and basic problems new users might face along the way (and even offers fixes for glitches that we encountered and were successfully able to trouble-shoot along the way).

These guides also not only feature concise information on the basic functionality of various programs, but also numerous screenshots in an effort to help clarify what we are talking about should any information seem confusing to you in particular. Just click on any picture to expand it into it’s full resolution.

The links contained in each guide generally point to official sources wherever they could be found. This ensures that you get a clean copy of whatever software we refer to and not any tampered version instead (which is something we did see cropping up from time to time in our travels – whether the tampering was for better or worse).

While we are only comfortable with announcing that it is in beta form now, the section has already generated considerable interest from you. We will monitor this section for any helpful feedback as it is difficult to get guides for such a wide variety of different systems exactly right. So, any helpful idea’s is appreciated.

In the mean time, we will continue to grow and expand the site as a place of useful information. We hope these guides are interesting, insightful, and useful. We certainly worked hard to provide you with these guides!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85

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