Review: Thomas Bergersen – Our Destiny (Neo-Classical)

This review covers the neo-classical track Thomas Bergersen – Our Destiny.

This track was released in 2014 as part of the album Sun.

The track starts with stringed elements. It then features a piano solo. After that, some brass kicks in. Some vocal choir elements then make an appearance. Strings then make a return along with percussion elements. More vocal elements then make an appearance.

From there, the track backs off somewhat, allowing the brass section to take over. They ultimately help add a sense of majestic sound. Meanwhile, the percussion’s add some weight to the overall sound.

After that, the track begins to build up with several elements. This is capped off with some choir elements. The track then briefly shows off more piano work. After this, the track builds back up with more vocal elements. From there, the track then fades out with percussion elements and brass.

If the producer was hoping to give off the impression of something epic, I think that was nailed. the way the track builds up carries the listener nicely into the more dramatic elements. I can totally see sword wielding armies duking it out with this music playing in the background.

The string elements really help give this track a nice majestic sound. This only adds to the overall epic sound this track projects overall. I also like the piano elements that help break up the track into different sections. Of course, the choir elements just caps everything off nicely.

Overall, this is definitely a great track. It has so many elements that gives this track such an epic sound. The booming brass and the commanding choir elements do a great job of that. The strings add such a nice majestic sound to this one. Finally, the piano element really breaks up the track nicely. A great track all around.


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