Review: Rain Forest – Rising (Euro Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Rain Forest – Rising (Euro Mix).

This track was released in 1993 as part of a single.

The track starts off with some synth pads. A synth melody then comes in. Some high hats join the track. The kick then makes an appearance. A bassline then joins the track along with a more full drum kit. A snare roll then ensues. An additional synth melody then comes in. The track then starts to pull back with some elements going away.

A drop then hits, leaving only the high hats and the synth pads. A snare roll then brings the track back for the most part.

From there, the track drops, leaving only the main synth melody. The track then builds back up quickly to what it was before. From there, several elements then fade out, leaving mostly the drum kit and bassline.

The track then builds up with some of the synth pads making a return. The bassline also makes a return. After a few snare rolls, a synth effect also makes a return. After a snare roll, the track then drops out.

One thing I like about this track is the main melody. Combined with that bassline, it actually sounds pretty solid.

I also like the synth pads. They give the track that nice laid back sound without turning it into a pseudo-ambient track.

The only thing I found with this one is that the basics are there to offer a solid listening experience, but nothing really elevates this track into being a great track. It ticks all the boxes for the basic, but does little to make me particularly excited for it.

Still, it’s a pretty solid track. It’s got a nice main synth melody and the bassline sounds quite good. The pads help give this track a nice relaxing undertone throughout. While it’s hard to get super excited for this track, you could do a whole lot worse than this track as well. A decent all around one if you ask me.


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