Review: POD – Sleeping Awake (Rock)

This review covers the rock track POD – Sleeping Awake.

This track was released in 2003 on the compilation album The Matrix Reloaded: The Album.

Since this track is associated with the movie trilogy, I thought that this track was really well suited. There’s plenty of Matrix references throughout the track. With a POD interpretation, I thought it worked quite well.

The vocals worked quite well in this track. The guitars worked quite well.

One thing that was kind of impressive was the fact that there were so many elements brought to the forefront in this track. In spite of this, nothing was really totally drowned out. Everything was well balanced.

The flow throughout the track going from portion to portion was well executed. The transitions worked quite well.

Overall, this track had plenty of positive elements. The guitars and vocals were well done. The track was well suited for the movie album with all the movie reference placed within the lyrics. A great track to listen to.


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