Review: Pearl Jam – Jeremy (Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track Pearl Jam – Jeremy.

This track was released in 1991 on the album Ten.

The track starts off with some guitars and a chime effect layered in. The hi hats come in and the snare gets the track started. From there, the vocals start in with an intro. After this, the main chorus comes in after.

Some of the guitars fade away a little as the vocals go into the next verse. The guitars become more prominent as the track goes into the main chorus again.

The next verse is sung quite differently than the first verse. It is also a lot shorter as the track quickly goes into the next chorus. What is interesting about the next chorus is that the tracks BPM gradually goes faster as it is basically an extended version of the first instance. The vocals gradually drift and the emphasis becomes more on the instruments in the process.

The thing with this track is that it is both really well produced and really depressing. It is commendable that music addresses teen suicide, but it doesn’t make the track any less depressing. It is especially so when you start digging into what inspired the track in the first place.

The guitar work is certainly top notch. They manage to sound great while being rather serious and, at the same time, emotional. What aids all of this is the gradual tempo increase towards the end which works quite well.

Generally speaking, once you get around the depressing themes throughout the track, it is a very well done track. It has great vocals and well done guitar work. The tempo change works quite well too. So, an overall very solid track.


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