Review: The The – Love is Stronger Than Death (Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track The The – Love is Stronger Than Death.

This track was released in 1993 on the album Dusk.

The track starts with an ambient element. Some guitar strumming then comes in. The vocals then come in for a verse. A drum kit also makes an appearance.

From there, the vocals take the track into the main chorus. The vocals, it should be noted, have a delay effect applied to them. This section is capped off with an instrumental section.

After that, the vocals take the track into the next verse. After a bit, the vocals take the track into the main chorus. This section is capped off with a harmonica element with some vocals playing through on top of it. After that, the track ends.

A problem I have with this track is the vocals. They have a very heavy delay effect added to them. While delay effects can give the vocals strength or give them an interesting sound, in this case, it is added too heavily. As a result, half the lyrics end up being lost because it’s so hard to understand.

With the exception of the harmonica element at the end (which only marginally improves the track), there is very little in the way of variances throughout the track. As a result, the track ends up being a bit of a repetitive blur with nothing too memorable about it.

Overall, this track doesn’t offer a whole lot to the listener. The delay effect applied to the vocals ensures that a portion of the lyrics wind up getting lost in the mix. With so few variances in the track, it ends up being rather repetitive. On top of it all, there isn’t a whole lot that is particularly memorable about this one either. So, I would call this a very average track that can easily be glossed over.


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