Review: Humate – Spacetribe (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Humate – Spacetribe.

This track was released in 1994 on the compilation album Superstition Volume Two.

The track starts with a kick and synth. It’s actually a bit difficult to hear the kick because it pretty much has no click at the beginning. Usually, when a drumstick hits a drum, there is a click that is the result from the stick touching the material. In this case, there’s almost non of that, so all you hear is the ensuing bass sound. From there, there is a brief choir element that comes in. Some snares make an appearance. Additional synth effects are added while another moment of choir makes an appearance.

Parts of the drum kit drop out. After the choir element, everything drops out, leaving only a synth melody. An additional synth comes in. A snare roll comes in and the drum kit makes a return. A clap is added. Some synth string also comes in. The synth string then makes a much bigger presence. A number of elements then start to drop out.

Some choir elements then come in and the rest of the elements are removed. A synth melody is added along with some high hats. The rest of the drum kit then comes in. An additional synth melody comes in again. Some synth string is added. A few elements then drop out again.

A synth then comes in and is a pretty high frequency. An additional synth is added and some elements of the drum kit are removed. The track continues to break down as some filters are added to some of the elements. A choir element then comes in for a moment and the synth melody is all that’s left. This element quickly leads the track out.

One thing that is interesting about the track is the quicker note style. This style gives the track an interesting texture without actually adding those textures to the synth itself.

The melodies are also quite interesting. There are a number of different synths and melodies, but there are a few synths that echo some of the same melodies at the same time.

Overall, this track has a fair number of things going for it. It has interesting melodies and an interesting texture as a result of the quicker notes. The complexity isn’t bad either as it all comes together nicely. So, an overall pretty solid track.


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