Review: Gravity Pres. Harry Dyer – Red Light Green Light (Adam Nickey Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Gravity Pres. Harry Dyer – Red Light Green Light (Adam Nickey Remix).

This track was released in 2010 along with three other versions.

The track starts off with a bassline and a synth that provides some rhythm. While nothing much, it does lead to some nice synth pads and string which gives the track a sort of refreshing sound. The breakdown that ensued features some nice sidechained elements along with more pads.

Where this track begins to take off is with the inclusion of piano. While there isn’t anything too remarkable about the piano sound itself, the way the sounds are layered really makes this track sound great.

the main melody can be described as a back and forth sound between the chords and the piano itself. When the two parts layer with each other, it makes for a nicely done climax. It then breaks down somewhat, though a lot of the great sounds remain for a bit. The final breakdown takes place shortly after.

My only quibble with this track was that the climax of the track may have been a little short lived. It’s what keeps this track from being a great track in my mind.

Still, that is a bit of a minor complaint. There is still some great sounds going on here. The piano and chords work very well. The string synth and pads were a joy to hear. A very good track all around.


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