Review: George Michael – Praying for Time (Pop)

This review covers the pop rock track George Michael – Praying for Time.

This track was released in 1990 on the album Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1.

The track starts with a drum kit and some string elements. It doesn’t take long for the vocals to come in. The vocals are joined by some guitars.

Going into the main chorus, the strings go into a somewhat higher pitch for a brief period of time. Somewhere along the line, the strings go back to the previous note as the vocals go into the main chorus. The main chorus is topped off with some guitars and even some brass elements.

After this, the vocals go into the next verse. Shortly after, the vocals slip into the main chorus again. This is capped off with some more guitars with a sprinkling of vocals. The brass element comes in again. After that, the instruments take the track to the end.

This track is a classic case of using too much of an effect having a negative impact on the overall quality. In this case, it is applying too much wet reverberation onto the vocals. In addition, it seems that the dry sound is also turned down somewhat. This means that the articulation of any lyrics will already have a hard time getting through. To top it off, some delay effects are also thrown in. As a result, the lyrics are quite difficult to understand. In fact, I barely understood half of the lyrics. So, you can bet that large chunks of meaning was also lost in the mix.

Another problem is that there just isn’t much variety in the track. You get one particular sound throughout the entire track save for a repeated instrumental section. As a result, the track has a sort of blandness to it on top of it all.

Probably the only positive thing I can say about this track is that the backing instruments, save for the major repetition, sounds half decent. I wish there is more variety with them, but the overall sound being produced is pretty decent.

This track is only passable unfortunately. The lyrics get lost in reverberation and delay effects. The instruments needed a lot more variety. While they do have an interesting sound in general, they wind up being rather repetitive. So, an overall fairly average track.


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