Review: Gene Loves Jezebel – Jealous (Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track Gene Loves Jezebel – Jealous.

This track was released in 1990 on the album Kiss of Life.

The track starts with some guitars. The drum kit then comes in. It doesn’t take long before the vocals come in. After a brief instrumental section, the main chorus comes in briefly. Shortly after, the next verse comes in.

After this, the main chorus comes in in a more full variation. What follows is a guitar solo. From there, the next verse comes in. This is followed by the main chorus with some additional vocals. The main chorus repeats with additional guitar effects and additional vocals. The track ends with pitch warping.

One positive this track has is the fact that the guitars are pretty decent. The solo is also not bad. I’m not so sure about them at the end, though.

The vocals aren’t bad as well. Again, I’m not entirely sure about them at the end, but they weren’t bad for the most part.

For me, this is another track where all the boxes are ticked for making sure this track isn’t bad. Unfortunately, nothing really propels the track forward to make it exciting, new, or refreshing. There’s nothing here that makes me want to describe this as an exciting track. Instead, it’s merely decent enough.

Overall, this track is a decent enough track. It has some interesting vocals and guitars, but the track does unravel a little towards the end. This isn’t a track that gets me excited for it. It’s not to say it’s a bad track, but it’s also not thrilling either. So, while decent, there’s little that makes this a truly great track.


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