Review: Dave202 – Departure (Club Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Dave202 – Departure (Club Mix).

This track was released in 2009 as part of a single. We previously reviewed the Original Mix and found it to be quite the great track, so we thought we’d try this version to see if it’s just as good.

The track starts with the trance drum kit and a few added percussion’s like the original mix. The resonance of the kick gradually changes after a bit. A synth then comes in. The kick gradually drops out as an effect briefly takes over before the track continues. A bassline then joins the track. A synth then joins the track to provide some added melody. Filtering gradually pulls back as more of the track comes in. There are pads that have a side-chain effect added to them.

As the track continues to build up, other synths gradually join the track. From there, the track gradually starts breaking down as the more bassy elements drop out. Other parts of the track gradually drop out. From there, a new synth comes in filtered to start the buildup of the track. A synth effect comes in. After a filtered kick, piano comes in and the main synth has all of the filtering removed. A synth effect gradually peels the synth back again.

From there, guitars come in along with a sliding note synth. The main synth melody gradually rejoins the track. Another quasi drop happens as the guitar continues with only the main synth and other effects.

After a brief pause, the main synth returns to provide more melody. There is bassline, but it’s more subtle in this part of the track. A clap then echos for a moment before the main synth gradually is filtered back into the track.

From there, the main melody comes back in with a sidechain effect. The trance drum it also comes back including the added percussion. An extra synth comes in. After that, the guitar comes in, layering over top of the other elements along with the sliding synth. These melodies play out for a bit. After that, the gradually starts to break down.

The trance drum kit returns along with a bassline and a synth. The synth then drops out, leaving only the bassline and drum kit. From there, the drum kit leads the track out.

If you listen to this version and the original mix, there is very little that separates the two. In some respects, this is a good thing because the original was so well produced. Still, there are some minor differences of note. Some elements have harder edge to them thank to some slightly boosted filtered resonance. As a result, some elements just seem to “wake up” with a lack of a better term.

Otherwise, everything that made the original so good is retained in this version. The track has that sense of wonder and that majestic emotion. It also has that buildup that turns this track into something that is quite refreshing.

Overall, this track is a slightly altered version of the original. As a result, it’s still quite the great track. It has that buildup that makes this track refreshing. The guitar and synths make this track majestic and emotional. What can I say? This is still quite a great track.


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