Review: Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me.

This track was released in 1996 on the album Falling Into You.

The track starts with some vocals and a drum kit. Some key like elements are present here as well. The vocals take the track into the first verse as it builds up with piano and strings. After a brief instrumental, the vocals continue on with the verse.

After a bit, the vocals take the track into the main chorus. Backup vocals join the track as well.

The guitars take a more prominent role in the track as the vocals take the track into the next verse. From there, the vocals take the track into the main chorus. The backup vocals extend the chorus as well. After that, the track begins to break down and the vocals lead the track out with the last of the main chorus.

For me, the first thing that springs to mind is the fact that the lyric structure isn’t the greatest as it relates to the track. Transitions are often non-existent and it becomes one large blur of lyrics. It’s hard to differentiate between main chorus and verse outside of the instruments swelling and some of the lyrics. Even then, you won’t know where you are until you are part way through it.

As for the lyrics themselves, I find them pretty much flat because they basically rely on some very cliche concepts. As a result, this track winds up being a pretty dime a dozen in the grand scheme of things.

The vocals are decent enough, though. I think the mastering could have been better because the main vocals end up being overwhelmingly loud at times, drowning out almost everything else at times. Still, the vocals themselves are not a huge issue.

Overall, this is a fairly average track. The lyrics are not that memorable and the transitions are virtually non-existent. I think the vocals are pretty good, but the mastering winds up making them too loud in some parts. So, a pretty average track in the end.


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