Review: C.J. Bolland – The Tower Of Naphtali (Industrial)

This review covers the electro track C.J. Bolland – The Tower Of Naphtali.

This track was released in 1995 on the album Electronic Highway.

The track starts with a chime synth with an added delay effect. A synth pad joins the track. Some added synth pads give the track a bit of a bassline. Parts of the drum kit also comes into the track. A few more elements of the drum kit also join the track. The pads then drop out, but an additional synth chime melody joins the track.

From there, the pads make a return. Some louder pads also come in. The drum kit then drops out.

After this, a synth string comes in. A kick fades in and out. An additional synth pad joins the track and a snare also comes in. The track then drops out.

What comes in is a subtle synth chime melody. An additional synth chime melody comes in along with elements of the drum kit. The pads then rejoin the track. One of the pads then drops out. Other small elements drop out of the track as well. The pads then drop out, leaving only the drum kit.

From there, more of the drum kit returns to the track. Another percussion joins the track. A bassline joins the track. A pair of chime melodies join the track. After that, the synth pads return. After that, the various elements drop out and the kick leads the track out.

One thing this track has going for it is that it has some interesting ambient-like melodies throughout. They are subtle and small, but they keep the track going.

My problem with this track is that it doesn’t really do much beyond the pads and chime melodies. As such, I’m not sure how memorable this track would be.

Overall, this is a fairly average track. It’s got some interesting pads and chime melodies. Beyond that, this track doesn’t necessarily have a lot to offer. As such, it’s difficult to see this being a particularly memorable track. So, a pretty average track in my view.


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