Review: Apollo 440 – Stop the Rock (Pop)

This review covers the dance pop track Apollo 440 – Stop the Rock.

This track was released in 1999 on the album Gettin’ High On Your Own Supply.

The track starts with a guitar riff that repeats. A secondary guitar and high hats joins in. Vocoded vocals the join the track for a main chorus. A breakbeat style drum kit then comes in along with some additional synth effects. This section is capped off with the addition of an organ.

From there, the vocals lead the track into a verse. Part way through, some synths are added. This ends with the organ taking over briefly.

After that, the vocals take the track back into the main chorus. After a brief instrumental section, the vocals take the track into the next verse. An instrumental section comes in briefly before the vocals come in to complete the verse.

Another instrumental section with brief vocal elements come in. From there, the vocals take the track into the main chorus. At the end, the vocals lead the track out quickly.

One thing this track has going for it is that there is differing vocoding done on the vocals throughout the track. This gives the track a nice amount of variety on this front.

Additionally, both the guitars and organ gives this track a nice flow of energy throughout. Both elements really give this track a nice amount of energy that is quite enjoyable.

The only real flaw with this track is that the ending was a bit sudden for my taste. It’s a minor issue thanks to this track having some sense of repetition, but it’s still an issue in my mind.

Still, this track is a very solid track. It has some nice variety in the vocoding of the vocals. The guitars and organ give this track energy and personality. While the ending might be a bit short, it is still a very enjoyable track.


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