Review: Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix) (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the drum n bass track Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix).

This track was released in 1997 on the EP Come to Daddy.

The track starts off with a grungy bassline along with some whispering vocals. The vocals then grow louder with some fast distance effects added to it. There’s some effects thrown in for a moment. The drum kit also comes in as well.

The drum kit drops out for a bit as the vocals gradually drop out. The drum kit returns and the vocals return as well. Some synth effects are added at this point. The drum kit changes things up a bit. Some panning comes in as well.

After that, the drum kit comes back to what it was before. That grungy bassline also has some effects automated as well. A secondary synth makes an appearance, though it can be a bit hard at times to hear over the bassline.

From there, the vocals come in in a non-lyrical fashion. The fast distance effect is much more apparent. The vocals then gradually drop out. The track itself drops out a bit before the drum kit returns.

After that, the drum kit breaks down somewhat as some added effects are thrown in. The vocals then return again. Some additional effects are added. The track then breaks down gradually. A synth effect then leads the track out.

One thing this track tries to do is have that evil theme going on in it. While it achieves this mood throughout, the track ultimately achieves little else.

While the bassline is sufficiently grungy, the use of fast distance effects on almost everything ultimately cheapens the overall quality. In some cases, some elements almost get drowned out because of the excessive effects that are applied here.

Additionally, there’s not much in the way of progression. A lot of the bassline and other synths are almost left on autopilot at times. As such, once you’ve heard the first minute or so of the track, the rest of the track really offers little that you didn’t already hear.

As a result of the above problems, I don’t see this track as having any kind of lasting appeal. There is an overall sense of cheapness combined with that ultimate lack of progression.

Overall, this track winds up being a barely passable track. The only good thing it really has going for it is a well realized mood. After that, the lack of progression and excessive use of fast distance effects makes for a cheap listening experience with little lasting appeal. So, a bit of a dud for me.


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