Review: Amy Grant – Baby Baby (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Amy Grant – Baby Baby.

This track was released in 1991 on the album Heart In Motion.

The track starts with a string element along with a snare. An additional string element comes in before the vocals follow up.

After an instrumental section, the main chorus comes in. The chorus ends with another instrumental section.

The verse that follows takes pieces of the chorus and re-uses them with a few additional lines. Shortly after, the main chorus repeats. What follows is an additional instrumental featuring a synth melody.

After an additional brief verse and instrumental, the vocals go into the next verse. The vocals have a few backup vocals. From there, the track fades out.

The good news is that this track does nail that upbeat sound. With higher notes and a reasonably slower tempo, this track easily gets that mood pretty spot on.

The bad news is that the verses don’t really differentiate themselves well enough from the main chorus. At times, I was having a hard time separating the verses from the main chorus because the lyrics are so similar.

Another problem with this track is that there are a few green notes in the short string notes. They manage to hit a few notes that seem a bit off key from my perspective. It’s quite rare these days that I hear this because, from a production standpoint, these are some of the easiest problems to solve. Does this note sound good? No, try another note. Does it sound better this way? Yes. Either keep it or try another. Whether you are clicking and dragging notes on a computer or erasing and drawing notes on sheet music, this simply involves listening to the music at minimum. I’m not entirely sure why this sounds off key in the track, but it does.

Overall, this would have been a pretty decent track all around. Unfortunately, the off key notes has me saying otherwise. I would have liked to have heard the verses be more different from the main chorus as well. So, while there are positives to this track, it ends up being pretty mediocre because of the flaws.


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