NeoMule Creator: 4.5 On the Way

Working off the codebase of a parent open source program can present a problem for some eMule modders.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

This is particularly apparent for the mod known as NeoMule, which is the most feature rich of all the clients. When the codebase is updated, that means modders should consider coding from the new codebase to ensure that their version of the client is up to date.

For users of NeoMule, the most up to date official version works off of the previous version of eMule (0.47c), not the latest version (0.48a). The developer of NeoMule, David Xanatos, commented on the eMule forums, “…this will take some time, I’m recoding the mod from scratch in order to cleanup and [optimize] things…And this is a [lot] of work as Neo is the most feature [rich] mod ever.”

Slyck caught up with David who added, “The major changes will be…cleaner code, a bit less cpu/mem usage [and] easier exporting of features into other mods.”

For registered eMule forum users, a change log of the progress is being offered. He’s also trying to recruit the help of beta testers. While no official date has been published for the final release of the latest version, users can be reassured that major work is getting done for an optimized experience.

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