Mininova Now One Year Old

When SuprNova went offline, many BitTorrent fans found themselves orphaned and forced to seek alternatives to the once great BitTorrent source.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

Some staff found themselves in an identical situation and vowed to fix the situation. They then launched Mininova and the rest is history. This was one year ago.

This year, Mininova has earned its reputation as the cutting edge in public BitTorrent indexing sites. It now boasts a large fan base and is even rated the best BitTorrent site here on Slyck to date. The mininova’s blog entry as written by Niek asks, “What was the reason for mininovas huge growth?

Was it the simple layout?

The perfect timing after SuprNovas shutdown?

The many revolutionary and advanced features?

The forum with its great community?”

Indeed, the road to recovery was a tough one. After losing a central point, the community become lost and dispersed. Mininova has come from nowhere, offering everything SuprNova did, plus lots more at greater speeds. Niek’s entry continued, “Shortly after I started, my friends Erik, Jos, Matthijs en Rob joined the Mininova staff. Who could ever have thought that 1 year later, this website would be the number 1 place for millions of people worldwide to get torrents off?”

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