First Impression Video: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (PC/Steam)

This is the 8th instalment of our first impression video series. This time, we are trying something quite different by playing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Welcome to the eighth instalment of our first impression video series. Today, we are trying the racing game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. For clarity purposes, this is the 2010 version. You can check out this video directly on YouTube or check it out in the embed below:

Our collection really is growing to be bigger and better than ever at this point. This series started with Half-Life 2. After that, we moved on to all three expansions which are Lost Coast, Episode One, and Episode Two.

From there, we tried Portal which got us into puzzle games. From there, we tried Left 4 Dead. Naturally, we played Left 4 Dead 2 right after.

One thing to note is that we ran into a recording issue when we first played this one. So, what you are actually seeing is the second 10 minutes of our play. It is only because a product key made it onto the screen which meant that we had to pitch the whole video and record again. Ultimately, this wound up being the best thing we could do in that situation.

We hope you enjoy this video and look forward to making more in the future!

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