First Impression Video: Might & Magic X: Legacy (PC/Steam)

This is the 25th instalment of our first impression video series. For this month’s Steam game, we are playing Might & Magic X: Legacy for the first time.

Welcome to the 25th instalment of our first impression video series. Today, we are playing the Steam game, Might & Magic X: Legacy for the first time. You can check out the video directly on YouTube or in the embed below:

One thing to note: What I was getting at part way through the video with respect to the 4th and 5th game of this series is that the 5th game was a sequel in that you took your characters you built up in the 4th instalment and continued playing in the 5th instalment. You even moved between the settings of the 4th instalment and the 5th instalment. That I found fairly unique in a sequel to a game. Hopefully, that clears up what I meant.

For us, this is the last game in the main series we’ve been able to play. As a result, we have played all 10 main entries in this series. I wanted to say that it was an absolute blast to play this series. If you want to know what is our favourite of the series, then I would say the 6th instalment (Mandate of Heaven). If you intend on playing a good chunk of the series, then I would recommend picking this series up at the third instalment and just going straight to the end.

Have you played a Might & Magic game? What did you think of it? Have you tried this tenth instalment? How did it play for you? Let us know in the comments below.

For those who haven’t played this game before, what did you think of what you saw? Is the tile-based movement an interesting concept or does it just give the game an awkward feel to it? Would you consider playing it or are RPG games just not your thing? Feel free to let us know as well!

This video is part of our first impression video series. Below is a list of previously made first impression video’s we’ve made in the past:

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