eMule Content Database Upgraded

The eMule content database underwent some upgrades back in August. While those upgrades were important, the latest upgrades made the database not only more secure, but also more functional and user friendly.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

The content database is a collection of hash files which point to legitimate files. Open source software and video games, music, podcasts and movies are but a few things featured on the database. The database itself doesn’t host the content, but rather the eDonkey2000 and Kad networks with the use of the provided links.

One of the major improvements to the database is the new message center. No longer will users have a pop-up window to look through their messages. Instead, it’s a more forum based structure where users can quote messages, delete their messages and browse through their messages in the same window.

Another new implemented feature is the file statistics feature where the hash code featured on the database can be checked on the RazorBack 2 Memorial statistics page. When a user clicks on the exclamation mark next to each release, it will put the hash code in and tell the user how many sources are on the network that are currently sharing that file without having to download the file to find out.

Another improvement that is noticeable is the advanced search feature. Users can now make more specific searches when looking through the database. Tied in with that is the ability to sort the results in a variety of ways.

Other improvements include the following:

• Page title shows category or release name besides ‘eMule Content Database’
• The ‘releases since last visit’ should actually work properly now
• Many security enhancements
• Added RSS feed tutorials for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera
• Names should in most places be replaced by a link to the user profile page
• New nice looking registration page
• Many changes for releasers, moderators and administrators (including automatically bumping and verifying of releases)
• The ‘remember me’ login function should be working now
• New page with both the Content DataBase rules and terms of use
• Now possible to search in single categories
• Added 6 RSS feeds

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